Friday, April 27, 2007

The Big House

Since Jay has been dating Jessica for ~5 months I haven't heard of any AIDS scares. Instead he seems to have developed a new concern: going to jail.

"I downloaded Children of Men off bittorrent ..." - Jay
"And ..."
"You don't think I could get in trouble for that do you?"
"Not likely. The odds are really low so don't worry about it."
"Even if they did catch me what do you think is the worst that could happen?"
"Uhhh... I think the hand full of people from the RIAA lawsuits are getting fines around $5,000. But getting busted is so incredibly unlikely you shouldn't worry about it."
"So there's no way I could go to jail for this right?"
"Jail?! No, that's not really a possibility."
"O.K. Good ..... So, you're saying it's impossible for me to go to jail over this?"
"Dude, no you're not going to jail."
"Cool. .... You're really sure it's impossible then?"

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Addie said...

Just discovered this blog, enjoying the tales of Jay and his OCD. I have a friend that is just like Jay and it's interesting to hear other perspectives, and finding the humor in the situations you describe is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!