Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can't Stop Crying

Jay has really bad luck with women. Well, really he probably has the same luck as anyone else it's just that he will never leave them no matter how crazy things get. I've already talked about Tara, and his current girlfriend Jessica is no exception.

Here's a normal conversation about her:

"Man, I think my relationship with Jessica is over."
"What happened?"
"She's been freaking out about my OCD. She keeps saying 'Jay, you're always going to be like this. What happens if we have kids? How could we have kids if you keep acting this way'"
"Then she said 'Jay, I think I love you less now.'"
"WTF? She loves you less? What did you say?"
"Yeah, I was like, what do you mean? You don't love me anymore? And she said 'No, I just love you less'. I'm like, what do you mean less? How much less? And she says 'Well, maybe 10% less'"
"Dude, she gave you an exact percentage!? Are you fucking serious?"
"Yeah man, she said she loves me 10% less."
"Jay, this chick is psycho man. Who says something like that?"
"Things went downhill from there. She started crying and kicked me out of the car."
"Dude, where did this happen?"
"We were driving around downtown. I got out of the car and she drove off, and I had no idea where I was. I was walking for two hours trying to find out where I was. I kept calling her and she just told me 'good, I'm glad you're lost. I hate you.'"
"Dude, you have to get rid of that chick."

Sure enough though two weeks later they're still together:
"Jay, I thought you guys were breaking up?"
"Nah, man she's a great girl. You don't understand; she's a great girl."
"Dude, she told you she loves you 10% less"
"No man, she's a great girl."

A few months later I'm talking to Jay's brother John:
"Dude, Jay is having problems with Jessica again."
"You're kidding me. Again?"
"Yeah, it's hilarious. He just texted her 'I love you' and she texted him back 'Can't stop crying'"

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